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We should never overlook low notes.

It’s very easy to think that singing low is easy and that hitting the high notes is all we need to focus on. It’s so important that we really spend some time getting used to singing low. Low notes help support the higher notes. If we can sing notes in the bottom end of our […]

One Sound Choir Collaboration

Wow. What a weekend. It’s been months of rehearsals and planning and what a success it was. Jack and I decided last year to bring all of the choirs we work with together to sing in one joint show. We had Love Soul Choir, Jack’s community choir ‘Sing Now Choir’ and workplace choirs from West […]

Should I see live music?

Live music is great. If you like music, you must experience live music and you must also see your favourite artist live. I never used to really go to shows or gigs because the cost of the tickets were always quite high and I didn’t think I could justify it. In the last couple of […]

Latest Recording!

Today, I want to share the most recent recording I have finished working on with the awesome Jenni Monday. We love recording together and always look for challenging songs to cover to help us both develop our skills. This song; ‘Should’ve Been Us’ (originally by Tori Kelly) is particularly hard to sing. I’m sure you’ll […]

Do I really need to drink lots of water if I sing?

The simple answer is yes. Like any exercise, you need to keep your body hydrated. Singing is the same. Our vocal folds are being used when we sing and we also expect quite a lot of them… especially when we sing high. A lot of people thing that hydrating the voice means just drinking as […]

Why is singing high so hard?

This is an interesting topic and one that’s very hard to answer in a short blog. Singing high notes can be hard because it requires a little more skill in terms of how your vocal cords are working. When you sing a middle C your vocal cords will vibrate over 440 times a second. The […]

Help?! How can I learn lyrics?

Learning lyrics isn’t always the easiest of tasks but there are ways to tackle it! Lots of people like to read the lyrics however I don’t necessarily think this is the most efficient way to actually learn them… for most people anyway. Obviously, everybody learns differently and some of you may find that the only […]

Why I love workplace choirs.

I love running workplace choirs for so many reasons. One of the big reasons is that I get to bring a bit of fun and enjoyment to lots of people within their normal working day. I also love meeting different people, visiting a variety of organisations and feeling part of an extended family. I’ve said […]

Jess Glynne, Sam Smith & Adele… who next?!

There seems to be a trend that a number of ‘famous’ singers are suddenly coming up again some serious vocal health issues. It’s all down to vocal technique and of course the pressure of being a mainstream singer. I always like to compare singing to going to the gym. The muscle needs to be exercised […]