Help?! How can I learn lyrics?

Learning lyrics isn’t always the easiest of tasks but there are ways to tackle it! Lots of people like to read the lyrics however I don’t necessarily think this is the most efficient way to actually learn them… for most people anyway.

Obviously, everybody learns differently and some of you may find that the only way to learn is by reading but, I think one of the best ways to actually learn the lyrics is to not depend on reading them. A slight glance every so often may help remember the odd line but on the whole to throw yourself in the deep end and trust that you’ll pick them up works better in the long run.

With the workplace choirs I run, I will talk through the lyrics of a certain section line by line and will repeat this with the group until we’ve almost got it. After that, we’ll introduce the melody. For some reason, putting the words over the tune of the song also helps it stick.

It’s funny because repeating this over and over again (even if there are mistakes along the way) really helps us actually learn the lyrics. It removes the dependence of having them in front of us which means that we can then spend more time focussing on how we’re singing them and creating a bigger and stronger sound.

It can sometimes take a little longer but once the song is complete, the lyrics seem to stick.

It’s also really interesting because you only really need the starting word of the next line to recall the full sentence. For me, I like to create silly stories in my head to help me remember the next line. The more crazy, the better!! It definitely helps.

It does take time to learn, but it’s far better than reading words from paper… in my opinion anyway.

What do you think?