I want to record myself. How can I make it sound professional?

I have been really busy with recording sessions over the past few months and I must admit, it can be a really rewarding experience for all parties. Creating professional recordings means a lot of experimenting, time and also a lot of listening to other artists and their production.

When I was about 14, I’d spend my evenings listening to my favourite songs (usually R&B) and then trying to recreate the vocal sound and production on Logic. I started with just vocals over backing tracks and I really cannot recommend that process enough. This taught me loads about not only recording, but also harmony singing too. I’d try to replicate every single vocal part and harmony line exactly to the recording which obviously took a lot of time but I definitely wouldn’t change a thing.

On top of this, more often that not, people may focus on what the effects and volumes ‘should be doing’ instead of what it sounds right. Don’t get me wrong, knowledge of both is crucial but for me, I learnt how to use the built in tools whilst my primary focus was on exact replication of the original song.

This then naturally led on to production of original songs and compositions. There are no rights or wrongs in recordings and often the ‘different sounding’ recordings can be stand out and end up being more popular.

At the end of the day, investing time in learning how to record, edit and mix is crucial but also trust your ears and be picky. It works. I think! 😉