Jess Glynne, Sam Smith & Adele… who next?!

There seems to be a trend that a number of ‘famous’ singers are suddenly coming up again some serious vocal health issues. It’s all down to vocal technique and of course the pressure of being a mainstream singer.

I always like to compare singing to going to the gym. The muscle needs to be exercised and it needs to be exercised correctly or you could cause some damage.

Remember, your vocal folds are two muscles the size of your thumb nail. The vocal folds are responsible for singing and speaking so looking after them is essential.

So the big question… why? Why do these well-known singers come up against some real issues? This is mainly down to their intense schedules. Let’s use Jess Glynne for example. Now as much as I LOVE her, technically, things aren’t working as they should. She’s slightly tight when hitting the top notes. If this occurrence happened once every few months, chances of vocal damage are less. Imagine being slightly tight when singing and then try singing for an hour every single day. Then you could add some radio and TV interviews to the mix and of course some rehearsal time too. Repeat that every week and that equates to a HUGE amount of time using the voice in a slightly inefficient way. Of course some issues will arise.

It’s tricky isn’t it? Management won’t want our most loved singers to break between tours and festivals as the more exposure an artist receives ultimately leads to more songs being sold and then more income.

It’s always going to be tough to fix because even the most technically correct singers in the world will come up against issues when singing so much especially if they’re flying all over the world. Tiredness can make things tricky.

Technique wins but also taking some time out every now and again never hurt anybody.