Just have fun and enjoy it. That’s what’s important.

It’s only one day away from my Summer Showcase Night where some of the workplace choirs I work with and a couple of students will be performing.

Performing is an exciting time, but it can also be very nerve-wracking. I like to arrange these nights as I feel it’s important to work towards something. It can be rewarding and can really bring people together in such a variety of different ways.

One of the big things I tell the workplace choirs is that having fun will totally rub off on the audience. Any feelings of nerves or panic will spread like wildfire and will probably mean that the audience will subconsciously feel a little bit tense. The best thing to do in this situation is to positively throw yourself in to the situation, embrace it and have lots of fun. Those feelings of excitement, energy and passion also rub off on the audience and the energy and enjoyment grows. It’s so amazing to watch.

It’s also the first time that Solent University will be singing as a choir in public. Naturally that’s quite scary, but the weeks of rehearsals will have gone in and everybody singing will know way more than they think they do.

The NETSCC staff choir and the Marwell Wildlife staff choir have performed before but nerves are still very present. I think it’s healthy to feel a little apprehensive. It’s good to have an adrenaline rush just before going on stage.

I’m also very lucky that Josh Wall and Amber Spencer are singing too. They’ve both had singing lessons with me for a number of years and are well up for performing and gaining more and more experience.

I’ll definitely be nervous on Sunday before the event starts but that makes it even more exciting and I know that everybody will do an amazing job!

If you’d like to come along, please get in touch with the Hanger Farm Arts Centre on 02380 667274.