Latest Recording!

Today, I want to share the most recent recording I have finished working on with the awesome Jenni Monday. We love recording together and always look for challenging songs to cover to help us both develop our skills.

This song; ‘Should’ve Been Us’ (originally by Tori Kelly) is particularly hard to sing. I’m sure you’ll agree that Jen does an awesome job. When we record a song like this, we aim to replicate everything. All vocals (lead and backing) are Jen.

The main challenge for me (aside from recording and mixing the track) is working out all of the various backing vocal parts. For those of you that will just listen to the song without paying too much attention, you might be surprised to hear that there are 24 different tracks of vocals in this recording. At some parts of this song 17 vocal lines are playing at the same time. These parts are made up of 4 different harmony lines (which are double tracked), double tracked lead lines, the main vocal and ad lib parts too. For those that don’t know, a double track is a recording technique used to help beef out recordings. It’s where you’ll get the singer to sing the same thing a number of times. This makes the recording sound bigger than what can be achieved with a single voice.

When you listen to it this time, try to think about what’s going on behind the lead vocal. It’s a whole new world to discover and I love it. Hopefully you will too. I’ve also attached an a cappella sample (below) so that you can really try to hear what’s going on. Let me know how you get on.