My Recording Session with Dan…

I have sung with Love Soul Choir for 2 years, under the guidance of Dan and have also uploaded cover videos on to YouTube in the past.
My first ever gig was in 2013 and since then, my confidence has grown as a singer and a performer.

I’ve been wanting to record a more professional song recording for a while and with Valentines Day coming up I thought that there was no better time to do it then now.

I was pretty scared and worried about doing the recording at first, as I was completely stepping out of my comfort zone, in addition to the fact that I was recording a song for my Valentine.

Dan made me feel at ease as soon as I entered the room. Dan taught me singing techniques throughout the recording, in order to create a more pure and comfortable sound, when hitting the higher end of my vocal range. Suggestions made by Dan to add in backing vocals to the track, really enhanced the recording, which without his guidance wouldn’t have been there otherwise.

From the very beginning to the end of the recording session, I felt like a more confident singer, than what I felt I was in the buildup to the recording.
With Dan’s knowledge of singing, creativity, relaxing persona and recording skills, the recording sounds great. I really believe, it wouldn’t be as good, if I had done it either myself, or in a private recording studio.

Luke Raggett
Recording Client