Having a recording of your voice that you’re proud of is pretty special. Whether it’s a cover of your favourite song, an original song or a radio jingle, Dan can help.

We all know that the process can be quite daunting but Dan is very supportive and encouraging to make sure you get the most out of your recording. If you have a dream of writing an original song but have no idea where to start, Dan can help you every step of the way.


Recording a cover of your favourite song is quite straight-forward. The vocals are recorded in an hour long vocal session. Your track is then taken away for Dan to mix, edit and master before you’ll receive the final copy. All you need to do is pick a song, find a suitable backing track (we can help if you’re stuck) and book a vocal session.



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Original songs and projects

Each project is different and can take varying amounts of time. You might want to write and record an original song from scratch or you might have a basic idea already. No matter what you want to achieve, Dan can help. To discuss your individual project…


Honest – Ria Williams (Original Song)


Lost Without You – Ed Basquette (Original Song)