Singdaptive. An awesome platform for singers!

The First Multi-Instructor Adaptive Learning Platform for Singers

Interactive online courses for choir members, YouTube cover artists, musical theater performers, backing and lead vocalists – all singers.

I recently connect with Singdaptive founder, Greg, recently. Singdaptive is a new subscription-based platform to help singers across genres develop themselves in all areas of the singing life. Singdaptive takes a multi-disciplinary approach to singing, featuring 17 world-class instructors representing vocal technique, vocal health, audio & technology, performance coaching, practice pedagogy, choral technique, solo and ensemble singing – and even makeup application. An intelligent survey, called the SingerPathTM, connects singers to courses and lessons tailored to their current needs and interests. Lessons include quizzes and actions and a Practice Journal engages singers, tracking individual progress and extending the learning process well beyond just video instruction.

Singdaptive was created by four Music Industry experts. One of these founders, Kevin Alexander, former CEO of TC-Helicon Vocal Technologies says, “The explosion of online content in recent years has made it challenging for singers to find just the right quality content for their current needs, such as building overall technique, utilizing vocal technology and so much more. Singdaptive was created to meet these needs.” 

Over 500 singers participated in testing the SingerPathTM survey, ensuring that its learning recommendations truly connect with real life singing situations. A wide-ranging curriculum was then developed, bringing together both academic instructors as well as Music Industry professionals to create new, targeted learning content made by singers, for all singers. 

Singdaptive gives singers full access to hundreds of lessons – more content than one would receive in a year of full-time music instruction at a College or University. Each lesson comes with multiple ways to extend learning, along with the ability to track progress and keep inspired through gamified learning. On top of all that, singers also receive access to special learning opportunities, books and articles, as well as monthly newsletters. 

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