Song choice. It really is important.

You know what it’s like, you have an audition to prepare for, a karaoke to sing at, a performance coming up and you really can’t decide what song to sing. There’s probably a part of you that thinks ‘oh, I’ll just sing anything’ but actually maybe a little bit of thought should go in to this decision.

You could go ahead and perform a Whitney Houston or Stevie Wonder song but that’s probably going to be a bit of a struggle and may not make you sound as good as you know you can sing in the shower. Sometimes it’s better to hold back, stop trying to impress and actually sing a song that sits in your happy place. You can work on the ‘big songs’ in your own time.

The more comfortable a song is when you perform, the more confident you’ll feel performing. It’s like a circle of positivity and growth. This is the reason why those hard songs should be worked on outside of the public eye. Chances are, a ‘big’ performance could potentially knock your confidence.

Song choice really is important. Pick something comfortable and something you enjoy singing. It’s a great place to start!