Why I love workplace choirs.

I love running workplace choirs for so many reasons. One of the big reasons is that I get to bring a bit of fun and enjoyment to lots of people within their normal working day. I also love meeting different people, visiting a variety of organisations and feeling part of an extended family.

I’ve said it so many times but singing in a group makes such a difference to the way we feel and I am so lucky to be able to run weekly sessions designed at making people feel better. In return people have fun and leave, ready for the rest of their day totally energised.

I also love being able to teach some really cool songs. I create all of the vocal arrangements and hearing these come to life is pretty amazing. On top of this, being able to put on shows especially for the choirs is an added bonus. Performing is something that pulls groups of singers together and knowing that I’m able to make this happen once or twice a year is great!

I’m looking to start more workplace choir sessions. If you or anybody you know is interested in starting a choir at work, please get in touch.