Why is singing high so hard?

This is an interesting topic and one that’s very hard to answer in a short blog.

Singing high notes can be hard because it requires a little more skill in terms of how your vocal cords are working. When you sing a middle C your vocal cords will vibrate over 440 times a second. The higher we go, the faster your vocal cords will vibrate. This can potentially lead to lots of problems if technique isn’t quite right.

Being in control and allowing your vocal cords to function as they want is crucial to hitting those high notes well. If we try getting too loud, we’ll probably end up straining and the extrinsic swallowing muscles will engage which won’t be very comfortable and can be damaging. If we go too soft, we’ll end up with a weak, breathy tone that again isn’t ideal.

Balance is key. The only two things we can control when singing are the vowels we sing and our airflow. Airflow meaning how much air we blow… which is linked to volume as the more air we blow, the louder we’ll become. As long as you’re hitting the right vowel with the right amount of air, you’ll be fine. Sometimes less is more.

Let me know how you get on.